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Buying a Duplex with a Half Basement: Five Good Reasons to Do It!

Published on 10/04/2024

While owning a home is a dream for many renters, achieving this goal requires accurately anticipating the best way to accomplish it. Investing in a duplex with a half basement is an appealing option for a profitable long-term investment.

What are the reasons to buy a duplex with a half basement?

  1. Brightness:

Being above ground level gives the half basement a clear advantage in terms of brightness. The light from the windows can be easily enhanced with just a simple selection of light colors. Installing white blinds will also significantly enhance the clarity effect, while requiring minimal financial investment.

A naturally lit apartment is particularly sought after, as it avoids the unpleasant feeling of living in confinement, a disadvantage often attributed to basement apartments.

  1. A bachelor apartment: synonymous with profitability

If the half basement is not yet developed, transforming it into a bachelor apartment can quickly attract a tenant. Considering the high number of singles in the metropolitan area, this type of accommodation will easily find a taker.

  1. A pleasant and comfortable environment

A half basement has many enviable characteristics compared to other types of housing. Firstly, a partially underground home benefits from the natural coolness of the soil to keep its occupants cool during the oppressive heat of summer.

During the cold season, the ground provides insulation that helps preserve warmth. Regardless of the season, the half basement will offer a tempered and remarkably comfortable environment for its occupants.

Moreover, living in a half basement often means having access to the backyard. Anyone looking to enjoy the warm season with some sunbathing or a dinner among friends will find this a definite advantage.

  1. A low risk of water damage

Since the half basement is partially above ground level, the potential for suffering from water infiltration is lower than that of a fully underground dwelling.

  1. Limited humidity

The humidity level in a half basement is lower than that of a fully underground apartment. Since the windows are not at ground level, they are less likely to let in moisture.

This also allows for natural ventilation of the living space and limits the negative repercussions associated with high humidity levels, such as the presence of mold or breathing polluted air.

While these issues are often concerns for tenants considering a basement apartment, they are more easily dismissed when it comes to a half basement.

Owning a duplex with a half basement for rent is an interesting source of income for the buyer, and choosing to buy a duplex with a half basement significantly increases the chances of making the investment profitable.

This type of housing offers the opportunity to create a bright living space in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Whether intended for a single person, a couple, or a young family, the half basement of your duplex will be a winning choice for everyone, especially for you!

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