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Houses for sale in Anjou

From 1956, the City of Anjou is growing rapidly. Municipal services are increasing. In addition, at present, we note the construction of Anjou interchange (intersection of Highways 40 and 25), the establishment of the industrial park and the mall Galeries d'Anjou. The City of Anjou approximately 33.7% of plexes (2 to 5 units), which is why, in the real estate market , you will find duplexes , triplexes for sale, as well as quadruplexes and multi housing mostly built in 1950-60 and 70. You can also find single family homes for sale, semi-detached, isolated or in rows as it is more or less 14.5% of the buildings in the City of Anjou. Finally condos represent about 18.6% of the homes of the people of Anjou. You will find several condos for sale.

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